Montessori Activity Book

Montessori Activity Book

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The best Montessori toy as a gift!


The quiet book stimulates tactile development through shapes, colors and materials and increases children's skills with the activity of play.

This soft and colorful book helps develop eye-hand coordination by stimulating imagination and creativity.

This is the most important thing for the child, because well-developed fine motor skills lead to good memory, speech, intelligence.

In addition to developing fine motor skills through sensory and tactile play, the activities introduce a variety of conceptual concepts, including:

★ Fine motor skills
★ Cognitive skills
★ Inspires independent play and creativity
★ Boosts attention
★ Encourages imagination

Size: 25x25cm
10 pages


Material: All items are hand cut and machine sewn from high quality soft polyester felt, buttons, ribbons etc.


Please note that this product contains small parts. Children under the age of 3 must be adequately supervised

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